The years I have attended Exeter Physio, everyone is so friendly and immediately put you at ease! Professional – high quality – plus high standard & feel completely relaxed whilst having treatment.
The before and after care is first class, and fully recommend to other people – what tremendous care, treatment, and help you attain.


I have been using Exeter Physio for 8 years for varying physical issues ranging from knee, back & shoulder. All physios and masseurs have been fantastic in their approach and treatment.


I slipped the L4 disc in my back and was in extreme pain. I could hardly move. After physio and pilates I am healthier than I was prior to having the injury.


I’ve had various neck, shoulder & back pain over the past 2-3 years but since having treatment and attending pilates my discomfort has eased, and is now manageable.


Before I arrived I was in considerable pain and discomfort night & day. After several treatments my agility is so much better and no pain.
The service and treatment was top notch. Will come back to use same service and others when I feel it is necessary. Very professional.


Very friendly, professional staff, I would (and have) happily recommend Exeter Physio.


Each session is tailored to how I’m feeling and what hurts on the day. At the end of each massage session I feel physically and mentally relaxed as compared to the shattered/stressed state I turn up in!
Thank you


Prior to treatment I was suffering with severe arthritic pain in my feet and hands. After a well devised treatment program the pain has eased and is now well managed.
I have found the staff to be welcoming and very efficient.


I had suffered for several weeks before my visit, and felt the benefit after the 1st session. I was very impressed with the treatment and how I seemed to benefit from it. Also the way I could approach them for additional information.


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