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Based on the principles of Pilates, good exercise form, interval training and fully integrated, whole body movement, our new Circuits class will get your fitness plans off to a great start or will complement your existing routine.


Pilates circuits incorporates a warm up; interval strength movements for the legs, arms and back, interspersed with cardio exercises to increase the heart rate. Combined with ab toning, floor based exercises for heart rate recovery and ending with a stretch session. It is designed with the individual in mind. We keep our classes small so that while everyone may work at their own level with the alternative options and modifications offered if needed, all are given the personal attention needed to fulfil their goals.

This method of interval training, of increasing heart rate followed by recovery is shown to encourage improvements in overall fitness and with plenty of attention to integrity of movement. Everyone participating should see rapid results.

No previous knowledge of Pilates is necessary and anyone who can move can participate!

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