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The Buteyko Method is a system of breathing exercises first developed in the 1950s by the Ukrainian physician, Dr. Constantin Buteyko.

Hyperventilation is a common problem with asthmatics and this can exacerbate the condition. The Buteyko method teaches people to avoid this through breathing exercises and simple lifestyle changes.

It does require regular practice, three times a day, for a few weeks and most people will need a minimum of 5 hours tuition with the teacher.

Buteyko is complementary: patients continue to take their conventional medicines as prescribed by their doctor.

The method is completely safe. As patients progress with the exercises they are likely to find that they need less medication.

The reduction in medicines will be agreed with their doctor. There are a few GPs in the UK using the technique to good effect now, with patients enjoying significant reductions in the use of bronchodilators (between 60-98%).[

Our specialist, Susan Willer MCSP MSc, who is registered with the Buteyko Breathing Association, is looking forward teaching the Buteyko method to asthmatics here in Exeter.

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