A Pain free life is possible

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Exeter Physio sports, spinal and rehabilitation clinic has been providing the highest level of care for over 35 years. As one of the largest independent private clinics in the area, we are the first choice for a total care package.


As well as physiotherapy we offer many other services including:

– massage therapy
– chiropody and orthotics
– neurological rehabilitation
– yoga
– Pilates
– hydrotherapy


For more information see “what we offer” tab above.


If you think you need physiotherapy please scroll down to help select the appointment you require, or feel free to call us with any queries and we will be more than happy to help.

Our unique approach - see for yourself

Our approach to your recovery is underpinned by a strong desire for you not to need our help in the long term. We want you fit, well and enjoying life, confident in your body and mind and taking control of your journey to recovery. Our vast wealth of expertise means we can assess everything that influences your pain including movements, behaviour, injury, lifestyle and general health. We can then prioritise their importance in your presentation and offer you a plan to change your symptoms. Our video talks explains this in more detail.

If you are not sure what service you require please feel free to contact us.

What is pain?

Pain is multifactorial, meaning many things can influence it. Acute or recent pain is usually a result of an injury. For example, twisting your ankle or straining your back lifting something. Pain that has been present for a long time or keeps coming back can be far more complicated and many different things can influence this type of pain. The links below explain this in more detail:

Pain explained

Back pain explained

  • surfing pain free
  • stretch reach no pain

Pain check - work out how we can help

Recent Pain

You have had your problem for less than 3 months and you have not had it before.

A short session will suffice

An initial 30 minute Physiotherapy appointment will diagnose & start treating your problem.

Long Term Pain

Your pain is chronic and re-occurs over months/ years.

Over reliant on treatment

You are becoming reliant on regular treatment for your pain/ problem.

Start to take control of your longer term problem

We know from research that we are able to identify factors that contribute to pain but this takes a little longer to investigate comprehensively. We recommend an initial 60 minute Physiotherapy appointment to ensure you get a full & thorough outcome and we can start to help you understand your pain and prevent re-occurence.

Part of your journey to full recovery, might involve soft tissue release with our massage therapist, personal training, yoga or Pilates.